The Holic Membership 2023

The following Terms and Conditions apply for the validity of your annual membership "The Holic Membership":

Sale Date: November to December 2022
Redeem Date: January to December 2023
Membership Price : $6,999
Payment Methods: Credit and debit cards, Paypal, Kueski and in Cash or Cards branch
Discounts: Not valid with Holic discount codes but to MSI with Paypal or Kueski discounts directly at Kueski
Follow-up: Monthly through the email provided in the purchase of the membership.
Conditions :
  • Applies to Holics under $1,000 pesos at the client's choice.
  • You cannot advance pairs, it is 1 per month.
  • If the monthly pair is not exchanged, it is not recovered and is considered lost that month.
  • Membership linked exclusively to the email used for the purchase and is the one used for monthly monitoring.
  • When choosing more than 1 pair, the extra Holics must be paid or the order is cancelled.
  • Does not include shipping.
  • Any change or return is the responsibility of the client back to Holic and Holic is in charge of sending the new pair back to the client within Mexico. See general Return Policies .
  • You can use your pair of the month to give it to someone else or buy it for someone else, but the order has to be with the membership mail and you have to wait for the following month to redeem your pair again.

Additionally, the general Terms and Conditions of Holic Nation apply.