Preguntas Frecuentes (Mexico)

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Other frequently asked questions:

1. I received a cancellation email, what does this mean?

R. All orders are subject to confirming product availability. There may be inventory or system errors and in this case we reserve the right to cancel the order and refund the product. It is important to be aware of the mail in case we require additional information, cover any pending fees, or doubts in general, otherwise, when no response is received, the order proceeds to be delayed or canceled completely.

2. Can I request a change of size or model in my order?

R. As long as the order has not been assigned a tracking guide, any change or modification can be requested by sending an email to atencion@holicnation.com, subject to availability and waiting time .

3. How long does it take for shipments to arrive?

R. An email is sent to the customer confirming that the package is on its way, however, from that moment on, the 2 business days that have to process and prepare the order begin to count. Once the order has been processed, the delivery times are as follows:

  • Monterrey and the metropolitan area from 2 to 3 business days. Local parcel delivery with its own tracking system is used.
  • Rest of the Republic: Standard is from 3 to 6 business days and Express from 2 to 4 business days. The Tracking Number will be included in the shipping confirmation.
  • Extended areas: Certain cities or towns are considered as extended areas by the couriers so shipping costs have a higher cost and delivery times can be longer and Holic Nation has no control over it.

* Consult Clarifications *

4. They are asking me for additional information via email after receiving the purchase confirmation email. What should I do?

R. It is possible that the security system detects some unusual activity in the cards entered and to avoid cloning or theft of internet account identities and avoid fraud in purchases, it will be requested, additionally, a copy of an Official Identification of the cardholder via email. In case of not providing such information we reserve the right to cancel the order and refund the money.

We reserve the right to disable the account of any user classified as suspicious or fraudulent.

5. I entered my address wrong and the package has already been sent Can I correct it?

R. Once the order was collected by the parcel, any change or clarification is seen direct with them since Holic Nation enters exactly the data provided by the customer and has no way of providing additional information. If the package is returned to Holic Nation the customer must pay for the cost of the re-shipment.

6. Can I cancel my Order?

R. Yes you can, as long as it has not been paid or has been sent. For cancellations, an email should be sent as soon as possible to atencion@holicnation.com, as subject "Cancel Order No.".

7. Are exchanges and returns included in my order?

R. Yes! We have ONE return * at no cost for each order. Take into account that the return is made exclusively as store credit through an electronic coupon. For more information please consult our Return Policy.

* It does not apply changes or returns for products on sale, free, or the Accessories collection.

8. When does my store credit expire?

R. At the moment the return coupons and gift certificates do not have any validity. Any clarification please send an email to atencion@holicnation.com

9. Can I put aside some shoes?

R. At the moment we do not have a section system, unless the model is part of the pre-sale section and it takes 4 to 5 weeks to be shipped

10. How do you handle sizes?

R. All our products follow the MX / US structure where the MX size is in Mexican (from 2 to 8) and the US size is its equivalent in American (from 5 to 11). Similarly, a table of equivalences is included as a guide and recommendations for each product.

Tip: The size in Mexican is the measurement in cm of the foot, that is, if you are a Mexican size 4 it is because your foot measures around 24 cm, which is equivalent to American size 7.

* Clarifications about shipments *

  • Preparation and shipping times may be delayed due to high order volume or an extraordinary event such as new collection launch, holidays, and vacations.
  • In case of obtaining free shipping the guide is sent Standard by any parcel.
  • For shipments in Monterrey and the metropolitan area there are only two delivery attempts, in case no one can receive the package it will have to be collected in the store without return of the shipping cost.
  • For shipments in the rest of the Republic we cannot be held responsible in case there is no one who can receive the package. If the package is returned to Holic Nation the customer must pay for the cost of the re-shipment.
  • In case the parcel does not have the address and the package is returned to Holic Nation, the customer must pay for the cost of the re-shipment.
  • In case of bad weather delivery times tend to be delayed.
  • We are not financially responsible for packages lost or sent to the wrong address if the error was made by the customer.
  • Orders placed after 12 noon will be processed until the next business day.
  • Orders placed on Saturday or Sunday will be processed until Monday or next business day.

Any other questions send email to: ventas@holicnation.com